Time Flies. But Do You Know What Doesn’t Fly?

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How can something both fly & not fly? Hear me out. I think you’ll like where I’m going with this. At the very least, it’ll give you a different perspective on how you view your time.

“Where did October go?” “I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner?” “Is it really the 30th already?”

We’ve all said it at some point. And we’re all insinuating that time moves extremely fast. What’s here one minute… is gone the next. Time flies.

Then you hop on Facebook on a Monday morning. Or Friday afternoon. Post after post after post about “can’t wait ’til the weekend,” or “case of the Mondays,” or “ugh, longest day everrrrrr.”

Time flies when we want it to last forever. And it moves at a sluggish pace when we want it to fly. Sounds to me like we’re trying to take advantage of it. Manipulate it to do what we want it to.

Time is one of the true constants in this world. I can’t think of anything more consistent. More predictable. Or more reliable. Seriously, has lunch time ever stood you up? Has night time ever failed to turn off the lights? Dinner time ever failed to produce awkward table conversation with your two teenage daughters? (OK, maybe that last one isn’t always true, but you still ate dinner, right?)

The reality is that time doesn’t fly. And it’s not a snail, either. To quote one of my favorite – and most useless – phrases of all time: It is what it is.

Now that we agree time is consistent, predictable & extremely reliable…

does it make sense for us to complain about it? If your best friend/wife/husband/mother/brother consistently drove you to all your soccer games… predictably bought you awesome Christmas gifts year after year… and you could always rely on them to be there… would you complain to them?

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Dave Warfel

Dave is the co-founder of Escape Creative, a web company focused on teaching WordPress. He creates new content over at WP Smackdown.

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