Salesforce Web-to-Lead Wufoo Integration

We love Wufoo, and use it on several sites. For those who use Salesforce, you’ll be glad to know that Wufoo has integration for Salesforce built-in.

How The Wufoo/Salesforce Integration Works

Once you enter your Org ID & password, connect all your fields, and finish the integration, Wufoo form submissions will automatically create a Lead in Salesforce and attach a note with all the data from the form.

The problem for some is… not everyone wants a note created. You might want data sent directly to the phone, email, website, etc. fields already in Salesforce. The alternative…

Use Salesforce Web-to-Lead with Wufoo Forms

There’s a different way to setup your integration. This will allow you to send form data directly into Salesforce’s native fields, without creating a separate note.

* This requires a paid version of Wufoo. At the time of writing, an Ad Hoc plan for $14.95/mo. is all you need. This is required in order to redirect the user to a webpage after form submission.

The rest of the article will be published soon…