Get Marketing Ideas from Pinterest

As any creative agency will tell you, there are literally thousands of ways to arrive at a creative marketing idea. And there are millions of sources in which to find marketing ideas. But this process can be time-consuming. So how can you efficiently search for relevant ideas?

The answer: Pinterest.

The web’s largest collection of marketing ideas

Pinterest is not the web’s most popular social network (yet) (although it’s being visited more & more each day), it is the largest collection of nothing but ideas. It doesn’t have

  • all the advertising & irrelevant comments on Facebook
  • the ridiculous “trending topic” #hashtags of the Twitterverse

Without any real clutter, you can search for exactly what you want, and start sorting through ideas.

Find a particularly good pinner, and surf around her boards for a bit.

Pinterest Search

One of the nice things about Pinterest’s search results is how you can search Pins, Boards or People. For idea collection, I’m not sure the People search is very helpful, but switching between Pins & Boards is useful.

If you’re not finding what you’re looking for using Pinterest’s Search, try using Google instead. Search for “pinterest christmas card” on Google.

Holiday Card Example

We are currently helping one of our clients come up with a creative, interactive Holiday Card for the end of the year. It will be web-based, and probably promoted via several online channels (personal emails to client, social media, etc.).

Although most of the creative ideas on Pinterest are DIY, hand-crafted, non-digital ones… that doesn’t mean we can’t use them as ideas. In the early brainstorming stages, anything goes. Allow your mind to go free, and just start looking around.

I found this pin:

Although it’s a bunch of little kids with chalkboards, I still see an idea for our professional services client in the geospatial industry.

  • Replace the little kids with big kids (aka: our client’s employees)
  • Swap out the chalkboard with something else to hold the word
  • Write a hobby, or something fun you enjoy doing outside of work – or, write a brief holiday message

This pin:

…gave me the idea to spell out each of the company’s 6 location, but using the employees bodies to do so. Have them each lie on the ground, and spell out “Seattle” or “Minneapolis”. Then take an aerial photo (which is one of their specialty services) of everything.

Or this pin:

This one just gets your mind thinking about silhouettes & shadows. It encourages you to think from a different perspective.


There are many ways of coming up with creative marketing ideas, but Pinterest is a quick, efficient, simple way to start the brainstorming process. Give it a shot, and let me know what you think.

How are you using Pinterest to generate marketing ideas for your company? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.